Professional Services


Founded in 2007, SEEKERS (capital letters or not) is committed to provide a comprehensive range of marketing experiences to enterprises, organizations and universities using techniques in the field of integrated marketing, public relations, event management services, and creative advertising.

We specialize at brand promotions, terminal channels, digital marketing, public relations activities, exhibitions, and integrating new media technology with user experience.  山东11选5







Brand strategy|
 Total solution for exhibition
design for exhibition hall and museum,large scale event/special equipment pavilion implementation.
Total solution of new media
total solution for exhibition hall, museum, government/educational organization interactive digitized service,business organization road show,events and conference


Digitized video:


 we provide creative design for entertainment planning/production on-site shooting and later stage compilation2D/3D animation effect interactive multi-media content



Brand strategy:

 our solution include brand strategy marketing,activity planning and visual effect

Our Clients:
      We empowers our customers to groom their brand, enhance their business and accelerate their future growth to excellence, with breakthrough ideas and solutions. By adopting the best practice of leveraging New Media framework alongside the integration of B2B+B2C platform, while at the same time providing a wide range of marketing and communication services, we bring you the highest quality at low costs.
Target group:
 1. Digitized exhibition hall: museum, sample room, etc.
2. Business organization new media show
3. Events 


P-VRProject-Virtual Reality)


项目虚拟现实业务(Project-Virtual Reality),是“雪格传媒”通过专业设计和虚拟现实技术的融合,帮助客户将庞大的可研报告、项目计划书等还原成“可视化项目展示”的整合服务。


Independent R&D |
New Media product):
 1.Augmented Reality Technique
2.Cyber exhibition hall
3.Large screen display series
 4.4D\5D Theater
5.Multi-touch series
 6.Holographic projection
7.Virtual roaming
8.Digital Sand Table demonstration System




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