We are committed to strengthening client identity through ingenuity and cutting-edge developments.

  We focus on creating interactive experience using spatial design.

  We help you actualize and demonstrate your future.

  We have a passion for design, attention to detail and commitment to perfection. Our team generates out-of-the-box ideas that adhere to the highest industry standards, combining functional integrity with visual creative appeal.












       We specialize in the conception, design and implementation of new media and online marketing solutions for companies of all sizes and backgrounds. Our mission is to push the envelope of design and technology to empower our clients with interactive solutions that increase the value and desirability of their company, products and services.

In pursuit of our mission we are committed to strengthening client identity and through creative flare and cutting-edge technology. We always exceed our clients’ expectations by providing the highest quality at an affordable cost.







Yingjian Wang

Mr.Wang achieved his doctor degree in Tokyo Metropolitan University. He's been working in famous architectural design corporation/institute, as well as a professor of top universities e.g. Univerysity of Singapore and People's University of China. 


Danqing Shi

Mr. Shi achieved his master degree of digital media in  United States Rhode Island College of the arts. He's been working as software engineer, producer and art designer in Inwindow Outdoor Inc. and ART+COM AG. As a team leader, key person and know-how, he developed serveral projects for 20 Century Fox, Disney, Yahoo and Master Card. He is now working as a professor in Art College of Tsinghua University. He is also a award-winning project leader of Cinderella Lunar Mission, IPad applications, and Avatar Transformer.  





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